Dan Swartz

Managing Director, Resolve Talent Consulting, LLC
"Everyone wants to talk about educational hot topics, like teacher performance and teacher retention, but it's hard to find people who will actually listen. Which is exactly what we need to do. We need to go to the experts, the source - the teachers themselves. It is vital that we create meaningful ways to give our best teachers a voice to impact school level and district level decisions that are happening. Not only does Open Up!, Education create a better strategy to address challenges, it creates more buy-in and engagement which always produce better results."

Tim O'Leary

English teacher at Middlebury Union High School and faculty member of "What's the Story?" The Vermont Young People Social Action Team
"When we actively share models of teaching and learning as 'open,' our ideas become scalable through replicability and adaptability. We share new ideas with others, excite them to iterate upon what we've created, receive feedback in direct and indirect ways, and hone our own thinking and communication to be better teachers and learners. It's an explosion of energy that starts with sharing to create a collective genius that benefits all of us, and we are lucky to have Ben and Adam lead the way by sharing their ideas and curated models."

Jeff Astor

Computer Science Teacher, Alliance Cindy and Bill Simon Technology Academy High School, Los Angeles, California
"Shift of power from those in charge to all in charge. 'Open Way Learning' leverages the community to create and refine the tools, while putting the users in control of how to apply them for maximum impact. It's a radical shift in ideology and a prescription to fix a broken system. This book highlights how open source principles have become so well established in the tech industry and why they're destined to catch on in education."

Jeff Milbourne

PhD, Program Evaluator, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA and former Senior Policy Advisor for US Congressman Michael Honda (CA-17/Silicon Valley)
"'Open Way Learning' offers an intriguing solution set to the unique challenges of the 21st century education system. Grounded in their experiences running a cutting edge academic program at Tri County Early College, Ben and Adam lay out an easily accessible playbook for anyone interested in transforming their classroom."

Jeremy Thompson

Assistant Principal, Mountain Island Charter School, Mt Holly, NC
"Open Up Education! is committed to the idea that kids learn better by doing interesting and authentic activities, that test scores are only a small part of the goal of a school, and that the purpose of education is to build skills and processes that students can use for the rest of their lives. It is an incredible resource for educators who want to change their practice, their classrooms, and their schools."

Anna E. Baldwin

EdD, 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year, 2016-2017 US Dept. of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow
"This is the perfect read for any teacher leader or administrator looking to pull their school out of the dark ages and into now! I'm so excited for my colleagues to read this so we can get started opening up education...together."

Connie Kennedy

PhD, Middle School Counselor (ret.), Union City, MI
"State legislators and governmental educational leaders need to read this book! They have had a heavy hand in educational policy and have tended to use the stick in the form of high-stakes testing. This book is full of hope, philosophy and specifics for passionate educators to move forward. Before retiring I was an active participant in research-based reform at a small rural middle school. It was exciting to apply many of the concepts and practices described by Ben and Adam, but it fell apart when our supportive principal left. I do think that there are many islands of effective, innovation in the teaching profession, but it needs to be system-wide."

Samuel A Reed, III

Founding Humanities Educator, U School l, Founder & Principal, SriiConsulting, and Blogger, Philadelphia Public School Notebook
"Open Up, Education! is an essential source for professional development providers, school based leaders, and teachers seeking to re-imagine and redesign 21st Century learning and outcomes for students. The authors Adam Haigler and Ben Owens use teacher-based narratives and practical strategies to uncover the power of open source and network learning, honor interdisciplinary learning, and offer practical routines that embrace authentic learning not just uninspiring schooling. As more districts and schools adopt connected and project based learning principles, I envision this text being a go-to source."

Gregory Mullenholz

Principal, Ashburton Elementary School, Montgomery County, MD and 2011 US Dept. of Education Washington Teaching Fellow
"Open Up, Education! brings to light the critical relationship between organizational culture and organizational success at a time where schools and districts are adapting to the changing nature of the educational landscape. What Owens and Haigler highlight is the need to reimagine the way that school cultures operate in an age where what happens within the wall of a schoolhouse does not effectively prepare students for the world beyond those walls. Throughout the text, examples are provided and scrutinized for their merits by the authors and a clear approach to open education is provided. What this work accomplishes is not in creating a singular approach or path to organizational success but in causing the reader to pause and reflect on how their organization does or does not prepare students for positive life outcomes. The authors challenge our current perceptions about teaching and learning and give us the opportunity to reflect on both our current state and where we need to go."

Andrea Quintana

Zuni Elementary Instructional Coach, Albuquerque, NM
"Every teacher and school leader should read this book! Open Up, Education! gives them the resources, research and steps to change schools to meet students where they are and give them what they need. I love this book and am very excited to share its ideas with my colleagues and district leaders."

Orly Mondell

Resource Teacher in the Office of Social Studies Teacher, Pikesville High School, Baltimore County Public Schools, MD Blended Learning, Freshmen Coordinator
"Open Up, Education! is essential reading for any educator who is interested in seeing examples of how educators are opening up their minds - and the minds of their students - within this country and the world. The real world, applicable connections of teachers is enough to inspire you to look beyond the curriculum you know."

MeMe Ratliff

Teacher Engagement Resource Teacher, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY and Co-Founder of JCPSForward
"The brilliance of Adam and Ben's work is that is so applicable to much of the work driving education across the nation. Open Up, Education! is written in language that educators at any stage of their career can understand and implement in their instructional practice. Input from teacher leaders and educational experts help to frame the work in a way that is easily applied to professional roles from classroom practitioners to district leaders. I highly recommend it!"

Jay Wirsig

Global Engineering Manager DuPont & Member and Board of Directors at Providence Care, Ontario, Canada
"When Ben gave up his very successful engineering career in Industry to become a teacher of math and physics, I was surprised and somewhat sadden to lose a cherish collaborator, confident, and colleague. After reading 'Open Up, Education!," I understand. Ben has combined learnings from his tremendously successful careers in industry and education career to develop a practical approach to 'Open Way Learning' that educators can apply to their own practice - complete with checklists!"

Meg Turner

EdM, Principal, Charles D. Owen High School, Asheville, NC
"Teaching and learning is a delicate science. We need books like this and colleagues like Haigler and Owens to help us continue the work of transforming schools."

Nathan Strenge

Head of Math Department, The International School of Minnesota, Eden Prairie, MN
"Open Up, Education! arrives at a pivotal moment in America's educational journey. With the need to reimagine school around community connectedness and personalized experiences, Ben Owens and Adam Haigler provide a guided path forward with Open Way Learning. This book gives educators and community leaders the tools to create relevant learning experiences grounded in collaboration, innovation, and open access to knowledge. Open Way Learning pivots education to prepare all students for the 21st century gig economy."

Jason Boll

English Teacher, Pittsburgh Perry High School, Pittsburgh, PA
"I think Owens and Haigler have done some really important work for educators. We have traditionally worked in an isolated field, leaving many of us to feel as though we are practicing on an island. As a result, our successes and failures often go unnoticed. We don't help others learn from them or replicate them. It is time for education to grow and open up about our practice so that we can all move forward for student learning."

Aaron Kaswell

Blended Mathematics & STEAM Teacher, MS88, New York City Department of Education, Brooklyn, NY
"Open Up, Education! does a great job of connecting very specific education-related ideas and principles to more broad ideals we should be considering in our lives and the world."

Carla Jones

J.W. Cook Elementary School, Chicago, IL
"It is so refreshing to have EDUCATORS write books from experience. Not as a 'do these steps to be successful' but as a 'here is what worked for us, now adapt it to your situation.' Open Up, Education! does exactly that!"

Amy Junge

Director of Teacher-Powered Schools, Education Evolving
"Open Up, Education! is an excellent read for any educator interested in reimagining school and creating new ways for students to learn and grow. Haigler and Owens make a compelling case that teachers are better working together than siloed into closed doored classrooms. The power of opening up is evident throughout the book and inspires all educators to lift their voices and share their work. This is a better way for students and teachers."

Jason H. Parker

Marketing Communications Assistant, Davidson Day School, Davidson, NC and TechStars Startup Weekend Global Facilitator
"If our organizations are to thrive and succeed in a global economy, our education system needs to prepare our students for the 21st and 22nd centuries. As Haigler and Owens hypothesize, the path to sustainable organizational success requires a culture of collaboration, the free exchange of knowledge, and an innovation ethos. If this is true for business, why would we want to structure education in a rigid, formulaic way based on a 150-year-old model? Shouldn't our educational system foster these same ideals? The 'Open Way Learning' framework provides educators and businesses a roadmap on how to drive change in education to facilitate dramatic long-term economic and social impact."

Charlie Reisinger

Technology Director at Penn Manor School District, Lancaster, PA and Author of The Open Schoolhouse.
"It's the 21st Century; of course, schools should Open Up! But how can teachers and academic leaders leverage open source principles as a guide for progressive education? Adam and Ben skillfully connect the open source model with creative classroom practices to produce a compelling framework for the future of schools. Filled with clear examples and ideas, Open Up, Education! challenges ineffective classroom practices and reframes teaching and learning for an increasingly complex, collaborative, and interconnected world."

Greg Garner

Research Associate, The William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
"This work is tremendously important. The world is rapidly changing around us and we need new and better stories to tell about how we're going to address the wicked problems we're facing. Adam and Ben have done a masterful job demonstrating how we can reframe what learning means in the world today. Previously, education systems tried to address student learning in a closed system: very isolated, very insular, and irrespective of who was in the room. Adam and Ben have crafted a masterful blueprint that will challenge and inspire you to think about how to open up learning for everyone, including teachers, parents, and community members. Education desperately needs to be open and expansive, pushing against the artificial walls and boundaries we have constructed over the years. Adam and Ben will show you how."

Rachel Belin

Director, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, Lexington, KY
"High praise for Open, Up, Education! Taking inspiration from intellectual innovators around the world and under our noses, Haigler and Owens do a masterful job of explaining how we can and why we must--move from supporting students as passive consumers to active creators of their own education experience."

Tom Callaway

University Outreach & Fedora Special Projects at Red Hat, Inc.
"The application of open source philosophies and practices in education that is described in Open Up, Education! is both brilliant and inspirational. The structure of the open source way applied to learning is obvious, as the book outlines the path to building the learning equivalent to Red Hat, while not ignoring the challenges that exist in taking that journey. At Red Hat, I've lived a constantly evolving process built on collaboration, remix, transparency, and community. I have always believed that these core open source tenets can and should be applied to the way that students learn, and this work provides a vital next step: the plan to actually do it.Through innovation and real world experience, students can be prepared to not just survive, but thrive. The authors of this book see that and embrace that! Open Up, Education! serves as a reminder that the open source way ethos is indeed changing the world!"

Stephanie (Abraham) Hirsh

PhD, Executive Director at Learning Forward
"Open Up, Education! makes a great case for why 'Open Way Learning' is needed in education."

Bryan C. Hassel

PhD, Co-President of Public Impact & The Opportunity Culture Initiative
"Haigler and Owens offer a provocative new vision of what education could be. Education leaders, take note of 'The Open Way:' teacher-led collaborative teams can unlock innovation, student success, and teacher satisfaction like you've never seen."

Aria F. Chernik

JD, PhD, founder and director, OSPRI (Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation), Duke University, Durham, NC
"Open Up, Education! should give hope to anyone who cares about transforming education. Adam Haigler and Ben Owens have articulated a vision for 21st century learning that finally breaks with an industrial-era understanding of how and why we learn. Rather than suggesting new tweaks to an old system, they reimagine how learning can reshape not only individual students, but the communities in which they live, learn, and work. Haigler and Owens illustrate how learning centered around collaboration, creativity, and what they call 'intense transparency' is in line with the dynamic shift happening across society more broadly; thus, not only is 'Open Way Learning' a pedagogical model that makes learning personally relevant and intellectually rigorous, but also one that better prepares students for the current information age. Open Up, Education! demonstrates what is possible at both micro and macro levels of transformative change, and is a necessary read for educators, administrators, and students who are committed to designing new models of learning."

Justin Reich

EdD, Assistant Professor in Comparative Media Studies and Director at MIT Teaching Systems Lab, Cambridge, MA
"Adam and Ben are committed educators who have invested deeply in Tri-County Early College High School, an innovative, progressive institution nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. With their colleagues, they have created a school where students engage in meaningful learning inside their classrooms and with the wide learning beyond. In Open Up, Education!, Adam and Ben generously share stories of the practices inside their school and the rich set of research and resources that have inspired them. Adam and Ben understand that great teaching starts not with individual teachers but with a community of educators devoted to building trust, sharing ideas, and working towards continuous improvement."

Mark Sass

Teacher at Legacy High School in Denver, CO and Colorado State Policy Director for Teach Plus
"I have learned over the years that moving people to action won't take place unless we think behaviors before beliefs. Too many books rely on sophisticated or elegant arguments to be the motivation to act. Open Up, Education! describes open source, but it links this with stories of the idea at work. It made it easier for me to envision open source education as a real possibility to help us move beyond our antiquated K-12 learning system."

Dan Cruce

JD, Vice President, Education, Hope Street Group
"The experiences, lessons and outcomes shared in Open Up, Education! are so much more than just a framework around 'Open Way Learning.' In this day and age, readers, so called reformers, and rebels often want to find something that works, simply replicate it and wait for identical results. What I see, and I hope you see, is an intentional focus on the purpose of learning, the outcomes of learner-relevant work, and the value of connecting it to community and collaboration. To that end, I implore readers to celebrate the specific successes from 'Open Way Learning,' but more importantly, focus on the "how" and the "why" versus the "what" and replicate that intentionality for your student, children, and community needs. That's, in my opinion, the secret sauce here. Ben and Adam have created such a user and reader friendly way to teach we adults a lesson (and we adults usually don't like to be taught lessons) by showing us what's right in front of us and ready for success. I thank them for teaching me that lesson in Open Up, Education!."