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Caldwell County
Schools, NC

CCS started last school year with two major grants. OWL led design sprints to improve educational opportunity through local stories and community action planning, while initiating student-led Profession-Based Learning projects (ProBL) with CCS teachers, Caldwell Community College (& Technical Institute) faculty and staff, local business and community partners, coordinated with a nationally-known local leadership organization called Stronglead.


Both projects created public-facing materials showcased in an impressive website to raise awareness, educate and inspire the community to continue the work co-designed across community roles, including a 5-year community action plan elevating students’ and underrepresented communities’ voices in new initiatives along with several projects helping students solve critical problems, drive local leadership capacity, and catalyze high-impact collaboration.


District students collaborated on local projects with their teachers, higher ed, and community mentors

Caldwell County 
Schools, NC

Innovation Moves Caldwell headlines both of the efforts that Caldwell County Schools sees as critical steps in building an educational innovation ecosystem benefiting all students and families. Major leaders and organizations from business, industry, government, workforce development, and higher education agree that it helps strengthen their local communities, including their own pipelines! Over the next year, OWL will facilitate more ProBL partnerships and projects that continue leveraging local capacity for collaboration, communication, and impact, especially for those historically underrepresented.

“This work has completely changed the way I teach.”


King’s Creek School

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