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CTQ’s Collaboratory Features Blog Post by OWL Co-Founder

Ben Owens

Oct 1, 2015

This article shares how to channel your "Inner Teacher Leader."

In his blog post, Ben Owens challenges the popular narrative that condemns America's educational system as irreparably broken. While acknowledging existing problems such as students lacking fundamental skills and the high dropout rate, Owens argues against the oversimplified view of the system. Instead, he advocates for a grassroots approach to addressing these issues, promoting the idea that effective solutions can emerge from individual teachers taking the lead to create positive change. Owens emphasizes that teachers are well-versed in what works for engaging students and fostering a love for learning, and that such solutions are often found in locally driven initiatives rather than grand, standardized programs.

Owens shares a personal example of his teacher leadership in rural North Carolina, detailing a teacher-led professional learning project that he spearheaded. He highlights the significance of this local initiative, expressing how persistence and collaboration with various stakeholders led to systemic changes that positively impacted students across the region. By embodying the philosophy of "think global, act local" and embracing the role of a teacher leader, Owens exemplifies how small groups of dedicated individuals can influence widespread transformation. He urges educators to reflect on their potential to redefine their roles and bring about meaningful change, emphasizing the power of teacher-led collaborations in driving innovations within the education system.

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