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5 Ways to Use Design Thinking as a Solutionary Educator

Elizabeth Crawford

Aug 22, 2023

Ben Pendarvis (OWL) and Elizabeth Crawford (UNCW) explore to integrate design thinking into education.

In their article, "5 Ways to Use Design Thinking as a Solutionary Educator," Elizabeth Crawford and Ben Pendarvis highlight the transformative power of design thinking in education. By combining humane education with design thinking, educators can cultivate mindsets and capacities to solve problems effectively and ethically. Crawford and Pendarvis provide practical steps, including putting core values into practice, emphasizing empathy, and applying design thinking tools to identify and address solvable problems within the school community.

These approaches help educators create meaningful, student-centered learning experiences. For instance, utilizing empathy maps and "How Might We" statements to understand students' needs and co-design solutions ensures that educational practices are relevant and engaging. Partnering with other humane educators and organizations can further enhance this collaborative and innovative approach. Through small, actionable steps, teachers can empower students to become motivated solutionaries, driving positive change in their communities and beyond.

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