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Haigler & Owens Featured on Edufuturists Podcast

OWL Team

Aug 5, 2022

Owens and Haigler discuss the power of PBL and their work at Open Way Learning.

From the shownotes:

"We are delighted to be joined by Ben Owens and Adam Haigler from Open Way Learning - the co-authors of Open Up Education and pioneers in innovative education from the USA. Ben Owens worked as a mechanical engineer for a multinational corporation for 20 years before becoming a STEM teacher for 11 years in rural Appalachia. While at Tri-County Early College, he helped transform the school into one that has gained international recognition for its unique approach to community-facing Project Based Learning. In 2018, Ben left the classroom and co-founded the nonprofit, Open Way Learning, which helps schools create the cultural conditions where authentic, learner-centered innovation will thrive. Adam Haigler worked with Ben at Tri-County Early College as a Science teacher before joining him to start Open Way. He also works with Education Evolving, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organisation focused on improving American public education and as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Launch Marketing."

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