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North Carolina New Schools Features article by Ben Owens

Ben Owens

Mar 8, 2017

What are some of the proudest moments you have had as an educator?The author reflects on the pride felt as an educator when students excel, as highlighted by the successful presentation of students at a STEM conference, attributing their success to innovative teaching methods and a supportive school environment that nurtures skills necessary for the global workplace.

In the blog post "Pride in the Name of Teaching," Ben Owens reflects on his proud moment at the Scaling STEM conference in Raleigh, where a group of students were brought to present a physics project, his pride evident as the students confidently conveyed their project to a packed audience, showcasing a deep understanding of physics. This success is attributed to the innovative teaching methods implemented at Tri-County Early College, focusing on "survival skills" for the modern workplace, project-based learning, competency grading, community partnerships, and advanced technology integration, all gleaned from past Scaling STEM conferences. The author emphasizes the significance of creating an environment conducive to student success and growth, underlining the school's relentless efforts to enable students to thrive.

With an engineering background, Owens transitioned into teaching and is now actively involved in transforming school environments globally. Their passion for real-world connections in education is paralleled by their love for long-distance cycling. The blog post urges educators to reflect on the impact they aim to make in their classrooms, schools, and districts, encouraging them to embrace change and feel the same sense of pride in positively impacting students' lives. It calls attention to the importance of pushing limits and creating lasting impacts, inherently tied to the writer's personal pride and fulfillment in teaching.

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