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Transforming Teachers' Careers and Compensation in North Carolina: A New Vision from Some of Our State's Best Teachers

Ben Owens

Aug 21, 2016

This document outlines a new vision for teacher compensation and career pathways in North Carolina proposed by a team of eight accomplished teachers, including Ben Owens.

This document presents a fresh perspective on teacher compensation and career progression in North Carolina, put forth by a group of eight experienced educators. Following extensive research and engagement with educators statewide, the proposed vision revolves around six key principles. These include the notion that compensation should honor teaching as a profession, recognize leadership and ingenuity, and prioritize teachers who share their expertise with others. The team contends that North Carolina's existing single salary schedule is outdated and advocates for a more sophisticated approach to underpin continuous school enhancement.

In summary, the document articulates a new direction for teacher compensation and career paths in North Carolina, developed by a team of eight accomplished teachers. Their proposal emphasizes the importance of valuing teaching as a profession, rewarding leadership and innovation, and focusing on educators who disseminate their expertise. The team advocates for a shift away from the outdated single salary schedule to a more nuanced approach that better supports ongoing school improvement efforts across the state.

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