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Strategic Planning

Co-designing living missions, visions, and strategies.


OWL has helped many districts and schools rethink their strategies and guiding frameworks. Because OWL is so focused on culture shift, it is essential that different stakeholder groups feel a sense of ownership over these aspects of their respective organizations, including having deep input for mission, vision, and value statements, high level strategic plans, or Portraits of a Graduate and Common Instructional Frameworks. Through employing a Design Thinking approach, we help schools and districts create collectively owned strategies that become quickly implemented because of their crowdsourced origins. Some examples of this work include:

>Working with a North Carolina District to update its strategic plan through an intensive co-design process with the community that included in-depth student focus groups and community Design Sprints, which yielded a focus on experiential learning for the district.

>Working with a North Carolina District to help them direct the expenditure of ESSER funds in a way consistent with community voice, then helping them revise their strategic plan with deep community input from several communities in the county.

>Helping a lab school create a Mission, Vision, and Common Instructional Framework that has been guiding its innovative efforts.

>Assisting a Hawaiian charter school in the creation of Instructional Design Principles, a Portrait of a Graduate, and Common Instructional Framework to help create collective efficacy at the school.




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