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We co-design innovative school cultures

Every learner can change their world. Innovative schools are making that happen today.

We help schools innovate - not by chasing education fads, but by
leveraging local assets & talent.

Open Way Learning (OWL) uses Design Thinking and hyper-customized professional development to help schools co-create learning experiences that students love.

What We Do

Powerful PBL

Bringing Project-Based Learning to the next level.

Design Thinking

Human-Centered Design to create collective innovation.

Making STEM Work

Making STEM welcoming and engaging for all.

Strategic Planning

Co-designing living missions, visions, and strategies.

A significant portion of my teaching is a direct reflection of the tools that I learned throughout our work over the years with the Open Way Learning team. I will forever be sincerely appreciative of the impact that OWL had on this small Myrtle Beach team [at Coastal High School] and myself specifically!

Sarah Vicini, Teacher and Instructional Coach 
2023 Milken Educator Award Winner

Coastal High School, SC

Our Impact

Our small, but mighty organization has been establishing deep partnerships with districts and schools around the United States to shift the paradigm of learning, help establish collective visions, and leverage local assets to catalyze innovation and transformation. The following are just a few of the many examples of how OWL is helping schools innovate. Read on to find out more about our impact.

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Clay County
Schools, NC

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Halifax County
Schools, NC

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

West Hawaii
Explorations Academy

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Caldwell County
Schools, NC

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Public Schools

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

ASU Academy
At Middle fork

We co-design innovative school cultures with schools, districts, and partners across North America.

Theory of Change

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast"

-Peter Drucker

If school and district leaders are serious about sustaining learner-centered innovations, tending to culture is paramount. OWL helps schools attend to the cultural elements that are essential for any innovative strategy to thrive.

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